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Not possible to make lines, or the lines is not regular?
Last Updated 2 years ago

If you cannot make lines in AUTO (but the output works ok in manual), you must check that the retainer is set to down position and the signal from the pulse transmitter is ok. If you drive with the machine, you must be able to see the speed of the machine. If not, you must check the pulse transmitter, mechanic, sensor and cables. When Line marking in auto, it needs input from the pulse transmitter before it can make lines.

If the Lines are not regular, it could be:

1) That the position of the sensor is not correct
2) That there is mechanical damage of the parts of the counting wheel
3) That the cable for the pulse transmitter is damaged
4) That a magnetic valve is faulty.
5) That the circuit in the valve island is faulty.
6) That there is a mechanical blockage of a shutter/gun
If there error occurs on all shutters/guns, it is most likely related to the an error concerning point 1-3, if it is only related to a single or two shutters/guns, the error is most likely concerning point 4-6.


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